Small Business

"Our sales are good, but our profits are really low"

"We are profitable but cash flow is always tight"

"I am always in the dark as to how the company is doing financially"

"Should we merge with a competitor?"

"Would we be better off moving forward or selling out?"

At Westminster Advisory Group we?re tuned in to the unique cares and concerns of the small business owner because we live there ourselves. We don't just process information ?we think and manage for your success. Our service goes far beyond crunching numbers and tax returns. We are our clients? most trusted business advisor.

You need:

  • Timely information and targeted advice
  • Ways to accurately measure your business?s performance against industry benchmarks.  
  • Fresh ideas for managing operations, people, finances ? and, oh yes, taxes. 
Most of all, you need an advisor whose professional competence in all applicable aspects is matched by personal concern for the details of your particular challenges. 

Tools we use:

Financial Reporting that's timely and goes beyond the industry standard, applying regional and national benchmarks to every aspect of your operation.

Metric Reporting that sheds meaningful light on non-financial factors, yielding evidence-based growth projections and pointing the way to long-term success.

Tax Planning that's fine-tuned throughout the year, identifying tax savings opportunities that eliminate the possibility of a year-end tax surprise and let you keep more of your earnings.

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