Help for the Health-Carer. 

Did you grow up prior to the era of managed care, HMOs, PPOs, capitation and the politicization of the country's healthcare system? If so, you may recall the days when doctors, hospitals and other providers believed themselves immune to the ups and downs of the economy. To a certain extent, so did their suppliers, vendors, labs and ancillary-service partners.

And for good reason. After all, healthcare wasn't understood as a business. High-touch and low-tech, it was largely perceived as a public trust. A benevolent keeper of the common good, if you will.

Welcome to the economic realities of the 21st century.

Healthcare today is all business - a fast-growing monster of a high-tech industry whose success often depends as much on reducing operating expenses as it does on increasing market share. Sometimes more.

Westminster Advisory Group has spent long years helping its healthcare clients ride out the changes and capitalize on the opportunities inherent in this volatile yet lucrative landscape.

With our innovative metrics reporting, we can go beyond preparing your healthcare business’s taxes and forecasting its financial future. We'll partner with you so you can maximize market penetration and streamline practice operations.

We know what keeps you up at night. Reimbursements. Billing. Collections. Overhead. You need to come up with win-win formulas for compensating physicians and other healthcare workers. Train your staff. Track patient satisfaction. Oversee office operations.

If you're like most of our healthcare clients, your wish list likely includes

  • Increasing profitability
  • Balancing work with life so you can have a life outside of work
  • Delegating the details of practice management to highly competent business professionals 

And you wish you could not just have all of this but also sustain it — while not losing focus on your core competency: Taking care of your patients.

Call Westminster when you're ready to shed the headaches of financial management and operational oversight. We'll take care of all your "bottom line" bothers so you can practice the kind of undistracted, high-touch healthcare your patients deserve to receive.

Isn't that really the kind you want to provide?

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