Did you grow up prior to the era of managed care, HMOs, PPOs, capitation and the politicization of the country's healthcare system? If so, you may recall the days when doctors, hospitals and other providers believed themselves immune to the ups and downs of the economy. To a certain extent, so did their suppliers, vendors, labs and ancillary-service partners.
Small Business
At Westminster Advisory Group we're tuned in to the unique cares and concerns of the small business owner because we live there ourselves. We know that no other subset of the American economy has been more impacted by the sweeping changes wrought by the advent and rapid maturation of the Information Age.
We have developed our Non Profit Support Program to offer small nonprofits the CFO-level accounting system and financial reporting support and counsel they need so that they need not buy the proverbial cow when all they need is a quart of milk.

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