"As a small nonprofit, we don't have dedicated infrastructure or financial staff."

"With limited financial capacity, we only have the most basic of financial reports to rely on for decision making."

"Without real-time financial tools, data-driven decision making is a significant challenge."

"Our board doesn't have great familiarity with nonprofit financial statements."

"We need to better communicate our financial information to outside stakeholders."

These are common problems among nonprofit organizations that are rightly far more focused on their mission than their bottom line. However, to remain strong for the communities they serve, charitable operations of every size must be responsible stewards.

We have developed our Non Profit Support Program to offer small nonprofits the CFO-level accounting system and financial reporting support and counsel they need so that they need not buy the proverbial cow when all they need is a quart of milk.

On an as-needed basis, we can provide high level financial support with:

  • Accounting System Implementation and Enhancement
  • GAAP Compliant Financial Statement Preparation
  • Executive Financial Reporting
  • Federal, State and Local Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Audit Preparation and Support
  • Short-Term Cash Management and Rolling Forecasts
  • Transaction Support (Capital Raising, Merger and Acquisition)
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Balance Sheet Restructuring

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