Your small business's not-so-silent partner.

At Westminster Advisory Group we're tuned in to the unique cares and concerns of the small business owner because we live there ourselves. We know that no other subset of the American economy has been more impacted by the sweeping changes wrought by the advent and rapid maturation of the Information Age.

We know that, however you define yourself - unless your business is listed in the Fortune 5000 - you are probably up against a set of challenges that are common to all up-and-coming enterprises:

  • Ability to anticipate and adapt to changes in your industry, markets, and the economy as a whole
  • Uncertainty about financial health
  • Unwritten, partially-finished or constantly changing business plan
  • Lack of confidence in choosing and deploying the right technology applications
  • Contingency and succession planning

In short, you need timely information and targeted advice, not old data and broad platitudes. You need to find ways to accurately measure your business's performance against industry benchmarks. Improve processes. Come up with fresh ideas for managing operations, people, finances - and, oh yes, taxes.

But, most of all, you need an advisor whose professional competence in those broad areas is matched by personal concern for the details of your particular challenges. 

With apologies for the corny axiom, our small-business clients don't care how much we know until they know how much we care.

And how much do we care about our small-business clients? Don't ask us. Ask our clients.

As for Westminster Advisory Group, we won't be happy until you stop calling us your accountant and start calling us your partner.

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